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Unusual Baby Names

Everyone believes that their child is unique and special and they are! Even though every child is unique, all names are not. By searching through popular names of the past, trends are evident. For example, in the 1960’s two of the most coveted names for boys and girls were David, James, Barbara and Lisa. Twenty years later – in the 80’s – two of the most popular names as recorded by the Social Security Administration were Benjamin, Christopher, Amanda and Jessica.

Living in the age of technology, parents-to-be now have a wide range of resources at their finger tips to help them locate unusual and unique names in order to steer clear of the more common ones. Although you may love a particular name, you may decide to pick another one for your new bundle of pink or blue if you discover that the name you have carefully chosen was ranked #4 on the list of the most popular names the year before.

Why Choose an Unusual Baby Name

Choosing an unusual baby name may be the right decision for you if you want your child to stand apart from the numerous Emilys and Aidens that would be in their age group. How unique or different would be completely up to you. If you do not want to stray too far from the beaten path, you could – for example - decide on Kieryn (not too unusual although it may be mispronounced Karen) for a boy and Emme for a girl. Emme is just a slight variation from the more common Emma.

An exotic name derived from your cultural heritage is one method you could use to choose an unusual baby name. Some examples would be Akiko (Japanese - autumn child), Elan (French – vital life fore), Wakanna (Sioux Indian – sacred one), Tiesa (Lithuanian – truth) and Nataani (Navajo Indian – a leader). The choices are truly endless.

As a rule of thumb, you would not only want your child’s name to have special meaning, but also sound pleasant to the ears and be fairly easy to spell and pronounce. Your soon-to-be new arrival would thank you as they grow older! Although unique names – on average – are more difficult to pronounce than their more common counter-parts, they are usually easier to remember.

Another reason that you may decide to choose a unique baby name rather than a popular trendy one is that many will eventually go out of style. Some names are timeless such as David, John, Elizabeth and Catherine. However, others become outdated such as Clarence, Fred, Mildred and Gladys (popular names of the 1910’s). Although ultra modern in their time, today these names date a person to a particular time period. It may be difficult to imagine, but in 70 years the name Katelyn may be thought of as an old woman’s name.

Choosing an unusual name for your baby may cause strange reactions from your more conservative family members. They may even try to change your mind or possibly bring up names that “run in the family”. However, the choice is ultimately yours and who says you can’t leave your baby’s name a secret until after their birth?

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