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Sex For Making Babies

Sex For Making Babies

So, you're ready to have a baby, and you're trying everything you can to conceive. You're taking your basal temperature each morning, charting your menstrual period, and taking advantage of every opportunity you can for babymaking sex. All this careful organization and planning can take the spontaneity and romance out of sex if you let it!

For some women, having sex to conceive does bring a sense of freedom. No more remembering to take the birth control pill each day, or having to remember to pick up condoms on the way home. It can also bring couples closer together, as they are unified in becoming parents many couples say that their libido skyrockets and they enjoy having more sex.

However, having sex to conceive can also put pressure on your relationship. A lot of women (and men!) become overly focused on getting pregnant and keeping track of their cycle for months at a time. If a couple doesn't become pregnant after two or three months, the novelty can wear off, and sex becomes a routine chore. After even longer, couples can feel like they are failing, and become irritable or depressed when month after month the pregnancy test is negative. It can be difficult to stay positive after the initial excitement of making a baby begins to fade.

The best way to deal with potential feelings of inadequacy or depression about being unable to conceive is to talk honestly with your partner. Try to relax and avoid looking at babymaking sex as a task that must be performed. Rather than simply go through the motions, spend some time focusing on your partner and making them feel loved and appreciated. In fact, when a lot of couples stop trying and just enjoy being together, they become pregnant soon after.

Keep in mind that your chance of conception if you are both healthy is about 25% each time. As you get older, this number drops considerably. You aren't doing anything wrong if you aren't becoming pregnant after the first, second or tenth try. Give yourself time, and if after one full year of trying to concieve without any luck, schedule an appointment with your doctor to test for potential reasons for infertility. There can be a number of reasons why you aren't conceiving, but the good news is, if there is a medical reason, it can usually be treated with medication or surgery.


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