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What is the BBT Charting Tool?

What is the BBT Charting Tool?

Tracking your menstrual cycle to determine when you're ovulating and ready for babymaking sex can mean the difference between trying for months and getting pregnant soon after. While there's no surefire way to guarantee conception, keeping an ovulation calendar can be a valuable tool while you and your partner are trying to get pregnant.

The Base Basal Temperature (BBT) Charting Tool will help you know exactly when you are ovulating. This tool relies on your body's changing temperature around ovulation, along with the consistency of your cervical mucous, to pinpoint when ovulation occurs.

You can track ovulation by taking your temperature each day, and noting the results. When your temperature rises by 0.2 degrees above the average, ovulation has taken place. So, taking your temperature can't help you that month, as you've already ovulated, but it can be used as a guide for next month's menstrual cycle.

What Is Standard Deviation?

Standard deviation is a practice used in statistics that produces an average, by measuring how far a number is from the center of another group of numbers. It takes the running average, and shows how many standard deviations there are from the current measurement. Early in your cycle, the numbers will be all over the board, so you will need a higher number of standard deviations. However, once you begin to accumulate more data, there will be a smaller number of deviations. Your home ovulation kit will give you instructions on how to compute standard deviation.

The ovulation kit also allows you to ignore irregular or missed results. If you forget to take your temperature one day, or have an unusual outcome, it isn't counted in the average. This allows you to know the most probable time that you are ovulating, rather than the results being skewed by an error or oversight.

You can also track your ovulation with non-temperature based predictors. Your cervical mucous will change consistency around the time you are ovulating. It will become the consistency of egg yolk, and will be extremely stretchy. During this time, you are at your most fertile.

If you utilize all of these fertility indicators, there is a good chance that you will become pregnant. It will take a bit more planning and effort, but you can pinpoint the time that you are ovulating, and schedule sex around this time to up the odds that you'll become pregnant.


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