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The Wacky World of Celebrity Baby’s Name

Celebrities are notorious for pushing the envelope when it concerns naming their new arrivals. I doubt that many consult baby-naming books or ask for the honest opinions of friends and family before naming their “pride and joy”. Imagine this fictitious conversation between actress Shannyn Sossamon and her mother, “Mom, what do you think of the name Audio Science for a boy?” It is hard to imagine her mother saying, “Oh honey, the name is just lovely”! If choosing a baby name that is unique, different, wacky and downright bizarre is the name of the game, then celebrities have it in spades.

Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names, is it a Passing Phase?

Not being a “celebrity”, it is impossible to crawl into the psyche of the rich and famous to determine why many find it necessary to travel off the beaten path when naming their children. Baby names for the “little ones of the masses” such as Emily, Heather, Lisa, Aaron, Caleb and Andrew are “poo pooed” for the likes of Apple, Puma, Sailor Lee, Spec, Moon Unit and Banjo.

When reviewing the top 100 or even the top1000 baby names by the Social Security Administration for any given year, most of the current celebrity baby names would not be listed. Maybe the “bizarre baby naming mania” is a passing celebrity craze like the next nouveau diet, exercise regime (palates) or religious affiliation (Kabala and Scientology).

Offbeat celebrity baby naming has not always been the norm. Take for example the names a few of the old Hollywood stars of the Silver Screen bestowed upon their children. Joan Crawford – a notable actress of the 30’s and 40’s – had an affinity for names that begin with the letter “C”, but they are all fairly well known such as Christina, Christopher, Cynthia and Catherine.

Frank Sinatra - AKA “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and “Chairman of the Board” – had three children named Nancy, Frank Jr. and Tina, nothing unusual there. The “Duke” himself John Wayne sired seven children with the names Aissa, Ethan, Marisa, Michael, Patrick, Toni and Melinda. Although Aissa is “different” is doesn’t compare with Diva Muffin, the name of Frank Zappa’s daughter. One of the first publicized eccentric celebrity baby names was Chastity, the daughter of Cher and Sony Bono born March 4, 1969. Only time will tell if the current bizarre baby-naming trend of those in the watchful eye of the public will continue.

10 Wacky Celebrity Baby Names

Apple - daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress) and Chris Martin (Musician) - Naming one’s baby after a fruit is definitely different, although the name “Cherry” does come to mind. Maybe Gwyneth craved apples when she was pregnant. Just imagine how many “Cheesy Bean Burritos” and “Nachos” we would having running around if mainstream America started naming their children after food cravings.

Camera – daughter of Arthur Ashe (Tennis Player) and Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe - What’s next, “Lens” and “Shutter”?

Sunday – daughter of Nicole Kidman (Actress) and Keith Urban (Country Singer/Musician) – It looks like days of the week are making a comeback with the likes of Tuesday Weld and Wednesday Addams (does Wednesday from the sitcom The Addams Family count?).

Coco Riley – daughter of Courteney Cox Arquette (Actress) and David Arquette (Actor) – I thought maybe the couple was coco for Cocoa Puffs, but in fact it is short for Courteney Cox.

Fifi Trixibelle – daughter of Bob Geldof (Musician) and Paula Yates (T.V. Host) – Was this name meant for their daughter or the family poodle?

Alcamy – daughter of Lance Henriksen (Actor) and Mary Jane Henriksen – Alcamy is noted to be a respelling of alchemy, a spiritual and philosophical discipline and surprisingly enough not currently ranked on the latest Social Security Administration names list.

Dweezil – son of Frank Zappa (Musician) and Gail Zappa – Here’s a bit of trivia, Dweezil’s registered birth name was Ian Donald Calvin Euclid due to the fact that the hospital where he was born refused to register his name as Dweezil. It was officially changed to Dweezil after he learned that this was not his legal name. “Dweezil” was what Frank affectionately called Gail’s strangely curled pinky toe. Yes, Dweezil was named after his mother’s little toe.

Free – son of Barbara Hershey (Actress) and David Carradine (Actor) – Born October 6, 1972, Free later changed his name to Tom.

Hud – son of John Cougar Mellencamp (Musician) and Elaine Irwin – Hud is the acronym for Housing and Urban Development. Why would anyone want his or her child’s name associated with a form of low-income housing?

Banjo – son of Rachel Griffiths (Actress) and Andrew Taylor – At least his middle name is Patrick not Strings.

By doing a simple computer search, you too can find your favorite top 10 wacky celebrity baby names.

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