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Week 9

Week 9

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In the ninth week, your baby's body is quite developed in terms of major organs and facial features. The bones and cartilage are now forming at a fast rate. The baby's intestines, which actually begin as part of the umbilical cord, are starting to move away from the cord and into the abdomen. Your baby now weights about one gram about the size of a strawberry - and the fingers and toes are visible, although still webbed. If you're carrying multiples, each baby is around this size, so you may find your pregnancy is showing much earlier.

The fetus is moving a great deal more, and this can be seen on an ultrasound, although you won't feel any movement yet. Your baby's bones and teeth are still developing, so make sure you're eating foods rich in calcium as your intake is crucial during this time. A good prenatal supplement will provide you with the necessary nutrients if taken along with a healthy diet.

During this time, you're missing your second period. As your hormones change, you may feel less sexual or your libido might suddenly increase. Either reaction is completely normal, as your body adjusts to these new pregnancy hormones.

Your breasts will probably be very tender during this time, and some women need to wear a special bra to help ease breast tenderness and pain. If you have experienced morning sickness up to this point, it will most likely continue through your eighth week. Heartburn is a very common pregnancy ailment, and indigestion often occurs after you eat meals. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day, and staying away from spicy foods that can trigger indigestion. Now's the time that you'll likely start to crave a variety of foods some of them strange!

Emotionally, you can feel moody and upset, and experience symptoms that are similar to PMS. It's not uncommon to feel weepy and depressed one moment, and to laugh the next.

Up until now, your pregnancy wasn't visible, but at this point your stomach might start protruding. The weight of your uterus can cause pressure on your bladder, so you may be taking extra trips to the bathroom as your pregnancy progresses. Your breasts are also noticeably bigger, and will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy. However, your body won't be changing enough to be noticeable to others, as weight gain is still at a minimum.


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