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Week 8

Week 8

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Week eight brings some exciting changes to your baby's appearance even from the seventh to the eighth week, there is major development happening. Your baby now has a defined face, and you could recognize lips, nostrils and the tongue in certain ultrasound pictures. Even the buds for the 20 baby teeth are already in the mouth.

The brain is growing at a rapid rate, and there is reflex activity happening in the womb as the baby automatically responds to stimuli. As the baby grows in the eight week, the umbilical cord and the blood vessels it contains are starting to function. The umbilical cord will serve as your baby's lifeline for your pregnancy, eliminating waste and bringing the required nutrients for healthy growth and development. Your baby's intestine actually begins to form in the umbilical cord.

Reproductive organs have started forming, and although you can't tell the sex of your baby yet, soon he or she will have testes or ovaries. The tiny buds on your baby's body are growing and are now prominent arms and legs, complete with knees and elbows! While your baby is still miniature, he or she has grown to approximately 0.31 to 0.43 inches. If you had an ultrasound at this point you would notice a fluttering heartbeat and reflex movements.

The bones in the body are quickly forming, and the bones are undergoing ossification (hardening). Your calcium intake is essential at this point, so make sure you're getting the nutrients you need from your diet as well as a prenatal vitamin.

While a lot of women will already have confirmed their pregnancy, some women wait until they've missed their second period. If you haven't already seen your doctor, schedule an appointment soon. At your doctor's visit, your physician will do a urine test for pregnancy hormones, infection and proteins, and a blood test to check iron levels, immunities and Rh factor. Your doctor will also make a note of your weight and take your blood pressure.

Sometimes, your doctor will do a Pap test during this time, but some caregivers prefer to wait until you're further along. Your first visit will take longer than subsequent visits to your doctor, as he or she will be asking about your medical history and answering the many questions you probably have. Now that your pregnancy is confirmed, you may want to tell your friends and family right away, or keep it to yourself until your risk of miscarriage is lower (after three months).


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