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Week 7

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At the seventh week mark, your baby is still incredibly tiny about as big as a grain of rice. However, these early weeks of pregnancy are when your baby undergoes most of his or her developmental changes. Major organs like the kidneys, liver and lungs are forming and growing. Did you know that your baby goes through three sets of kidneys in utero? Right now, your baby is developing the second set.

While your baby doesn't have fingers or toes yet, the buds that will become the arms and legs are rapidly growing. The brain is forming, as well as the tongue and lenses of the eyes. The pancreas and intestines are getting bigger, as well as the bronchi. Even though your baby's facial features aren't completely apparent, the eyelids and nostrils are now visible.

The bones in your baby's body are growing, which is why taking a prenatal supplement with adequate calcium and magnesium is important. You wouldn't be able to tell if your baby is a boy or a girl from an ultrasound, although the genital tubercle is formed. Despite your baby's small size, he or she is already swimming in the amniotic sac and kicking but you won't feel it at this point!

Week seven is similar to earlier weeks in terms of morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms. Nobody else will even be able to tell you're pregnant you may even lost a few pounds. If you're carrying multiples, however, your weight gain may be slightly noticeable. Most women know they are pregnant at this point because of pregnancy symptoms or a missed period. Many pregnant women begin to experience very frequent urination around the seven week mark, which can be an annoying symptom! Unfortunately, your skin may break out at this point because of hormones, and acne can continue throughout your entire pregnancy.

During this time of your pregnancy, you might feel nausea, heartburn or headaches all day, or just in the morning or evening. Drinking peppermint tea, ginger ale or lemons can often provide relief. Make sure you're paying attention to your pregnancy diet and avoiding foods like shellfish and soft cheeses. Your risk of miscarriage during this time is higher, and undercooked or unpasteurized food can sometimes cause premature labor or infant death. Also, if you have a cat you need to ensure that somebody else cleans the litter box, as toxoplasmosis a disease present in cat feces - can be fatal to your baby.


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