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Week 6

Week 6

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The first weeks of your baby's development are the busiest, and the most crucial. At this point, your baby has a head and the voice box or larynx is forming. Also, the digestive system and mouth are just starting to develop, and the brain is becoming bigger. Blood circulation can be detected and the heartbeat is visible on an ultrasound. The baby is only 0.15 to 0.24 inches, but there is so much going on inside and outside of your baby's body. The baby's facial features aren't fully formed, as the ears, eyes and mouth are merely indentations at this point. The buds that will be the arms and legs are continuing to develop during the sixth week.

For many women, morning sickness, heartburn and headaches get worse during this time. You may be one of the lucky moms-to-be who doesn't experience pregnancy symptoms, but a lot of women do. The symptoms may be worse when you first get up in the morning, and may diminish during the day. You can crave certain foods, while other smells will make you feel ill. Even foods that you used to love may make you feel incredibly sick when you even think about them. If you're carrying multiples, you can suffer from severe morning sickness, and you must make sure you're drinking enough water so you don't become dehydrated and run down.

Your breasts will most likely change a lot during this week. You may feel an increase in breast tenderness and sensitivity, and your areola may darken. Although you may not notice much of an increase in size, your breasts may feel fuller and heavier. The levels of pregnancy hormone are causing these changes, and at this point a home pregnancy test will definitely pick up the hCG in your urine. Many women will already know that they're pregnant, but if you have an irregular period or fewer pregnancy symptoms you might not be aware.

You are at the highest risk of miscarriage during the first three months. While bleeding and cramping doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to miscarry, you need to consult a doctor if this happens. If you find you're passing pink or gray colored tissue clots, you may be miscarrying and you should get to the emergency room right away. Because of the risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy, many soon-to-be parents don't tell their friends and family about the pregnancy until the three month mark.


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