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Week 5

Week 5

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Even though your baby is only weeks old, he or she is already going through major developments! The fetal heart is formed, and it will begin beating in the fifth week. The nervous system, brain and reproductive system are also quickly forming, and other systems in the body are beginning to develop. During the fifth week, the fetus becomes pear shaped, and the rounded part begins to form the head. The baby's facial features are beginning to form, and small buds that will become the arms and legs.

The pointed end will soon be your baby's spine; the embryo is now about .05 to .14 inches long. The neural tube will also fuse in the fifth week, so taking your folic acid is especially important this week! Folic acid will reduce your risk of having a baby born with neural tube defects. In fact, the most crucial development of your baby happens during the early weeks of pregnancy, so healthy nutrition and good lifestyle habits are important. While your baby is in these early stages of development, your placenta and the amniotic sac (which provides the warm environment where the embryo will grow) are still forming as well.

As the embryo grows in your womb, you begin to feel more tired, as the baby is taking nutrients from your body to build complex human systems. Most of the symptoms you feel during the fifth week are similar to those in the fourth week: morning sickness, backaches, and tingling or sore breasts. The areola around your nipples can often darken in pregnancy. Wearing a sports bra while sleeping may help with breast tenderness and tingling.

You may start to experience heartburn, so avoid eating spicy foods and try eating smaller meals more often. Emotionally, you may feel depressed and moody, even if you're overjoyed about the pregnancy because as your hormone levels rise, your mood is affected.

Some women won't feel any pregnancy symptoms, and this is normal and envied by women everywhere! Everyone's pregnancy is different, and you may have different symptoms than another woman who is at the same stage of pregnancy. However, if you have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms that suddenly stop, see your doctor right away. If you haven't had your first doctor's visit to determine that you're pregnant, schedule an appointment soon so that you can discuss your medical history and rule out potential complications.


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