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Week 35

Week 35

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Your baby could come at any time now! You'll be seeing your physician once every week or two weeks during the eighth month and the doctor will check your cervix for dilation at each appointment. Also, this will show your caregiver what position the baby is in to note if he or she has dropped to the head-first position for delivery. Your cervix won't fully dilate until you're in active labor, but it will start to open as you get near your due date. The physician will also test you for Group B streptococcus bacteria sometime between now and 37 weeks.

Your baby is taking up most of your uterus, and is starting to really outgrow the living arrangements in the womb. This week, the arms and legs will get fatter, and if you're having a boy, his testes will now be fully descended. He or she weighs about five pounds now, and is just over 18 inches long. If your baby was born right now, he or she would still spend some time in an incubator, as there is not enough fat on the body to keep warm outside of the warm amniotic sac.

A lot of women are irritable by this point, as pregnancy hormones continue to make you feel moody and emotional. By this point you are probably longing for your pre-pregnancy clothing, and as it becomes much harder to get around and fatigue increases even more, you may feel cooped up in your home. It can be an adjustment for moms-to-be who work full time to get used to staying home for the remainder of their pregnancy.

You likely won't have too much energy for exercising, and you might find it tires you out quickly even a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood can be strenuous. Do what you can, and focus on preparing for your baby's birth. If you feel up to it, visit your local community pool, where you'll feel lightweight and able to move around freely. Remember to keep up your Kegels to strengthen your pelvic floor muscle, which will help with your labor and post partum recovery.

Have you done all of your nursery and baby shopping? Ideally, you'll still have five weeks to prepare for your baby's birth, but you should have the basic necessities a crib, stroller and car seat by this time to ensure that you're prepared if baby arrives early.


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