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Week 31

Week 31

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This week, your baby isn't growing at such a rapid rate, although you may still be feeling very uncomfortable with pregnancy. At this point, most women are eager to have their baby not only because they can't wait for the new addition, but because they are sick of being pregnant! The baby is becoming quite cramped, and can't move around very well. It's easy to see the baby's elbow or leg pushing against the abdomen.

Your baby's brain is developing rapidly, and shows more brain wave activity. The bones are still hardening, and you'll need to monitor your calcium intake closer than ever in the final months. Throughout your pregnancy, you should be taking a prenatal vitamin, and now more than ever you need to ensure you're getting the nutrients you need. You may find you have strange cravings or a ravenous appetite, so allow yourself to indulge in treats or unhealthy snacks in moderation if you feel the urge.

Hemorrhoids can be at their worst now, and can become more severe than they were in earlier pregnancy. You may find medicated pads or witch hazel eases the pain, but if they are more serious you can try a sitz bath. A special basin is filled with warm water and attached to your toilet, and you can lower your backside into the water for quick relief. Constipation is a pregnancy symptom in the later months, so increase fiber with foods like bran and drink plenty of water.

While preterm labor is still a risk, your baby would probably be able to survive just fine if he or she was born at this point of pregnancy. All the major systems and organs are functioning, and there would be a much shorter hospital stay for your baby. You need to have a hospital bag packed, as well as a final birth plan including your physician, midwife and partner. If you have other children, arrange for someone to take care of them should you go into early labor.

When you're in your third trimester, you need to give yourself plenty of room to rest and relax. Most working women have taken their maternity leave by now or are planning on taking it very soon. See how you feel some women find they have lots of energy and begin nesting by cleaning and organizing the home, while others are exhausted and need to nap for hours each day.


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