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Week 30

Week 30

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You're in your seventh month of pregnancy, and both you and the baby are still growing. The baby is up to three pounds, and is under 16 inches long. Now that the baby is fully developed, he or she is getting even bigger and growing hair!

You're entering a stage of pregnancy that is the most difficult for many women. The baby presses hard against your ribs, so you may find you have discomfort in that area, or get shooting leg or back pains from the baby weight. When you sleep, a pillow between your legs can help, and doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side. This is because the aorta and vena cava of your heart are on the right side, so if you sleep on your left side the blood can easily circulate through your body.

Heartburn is a common complaint among women, and gets worse in the last few months of pregnancy. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day rather than three heavy ones, and stay away from spicy foods. There are certain antacids that are safe to take during pregnancy, but you need to talk to your physician before you take any over the counter medications.

You're still gaining a pound per week, and your uterus is still about four inches above your belly button. In the last 10 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby will grow to his or her birth weight, and you may feel like you couldn't get any bigger! Towards the end of your pregnancy, you'll have to experiment with what works for you. Some women begin to sleep on a recliner because it's much simpler than trying to get up from a lying down position. Other women seek relief from pregnancy massage or water aerobics classes. The sensation of being weightless and being able to move around with ease appeals to many pregnant women, so look into a water aerobics class if you're looking for gentle exercise.

You might notice varicose veins forming on your legs and feet. The best way to prevent varicose veins is to wear pregnancy support hose, which you can get at your local pharmacy or medical supply shop. Pregnancy hose will also reduce ankle swelling.

You don't need to worry so much about going into pre-term labor now your baby's chances of survival are excellent at this point.


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