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Week 28

Week 28

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This is your first week of your third trimester you're almost there! Your weight gain is probably between 17 and 24 pounds now, and your baby is almost 15 inches from head to feet and weighs over two pounds. When the baby sleeps, brain waves indicate rapid eye movement (REM) sleep he or she is dreaming! The lungs are also getting close to being fully developed, so your baby's chances of surviving increase as he or she could probably breathe without a ventilator.

If you've been suffering from hemorrhoids, indigestion, varicose veins and itchy skin, the bad news is these symptoms may worsen in the third trimester. Even if you've experienced none of these pregnancy symptoms in earlier months, you might find yourself suffering from bad heartburn or having to use medicated hemorrhoid pads to relieve rectal pain. Skin problems are a common complaint in the third trimester, and can include blotchy skin tone, red spider veins on the face, and dry skin. These conditions will all fade quickly after your baby is born.

As you enter your third trimester, your doctor's visits become more frequent. From weeks 28 to 36, you'll see your caregiver once every two weeks. If you have a high risk pregnancy, you will see your doctor even more often. At each appointment, the physician will do a pelvic exam to check the size and height of your uterus, which will determine if your baby is growing at a normal rate. Your weight will be noted, as well as your urine and blood pressure.

During this time, it's common for women to feel achy, have to urinate more often, and have leg cramps or backaches. Walking a short distance can make you feel short of breath, and standing up too quickly may make you dizzy. Braxton Hicks contractions are nothing to worry about it's your uterus tightening and relaxing in preparation for delivery.

The third trimester can be a difficult one for a lot of women. The golden second trimester is over, and it can become increasingly uncomfortable to move or sleep as baby's due date gets closer. Emotionally, women are feeling the effects of pregnancy hormones as well as fears and anxiety about the birth. If you're feeling nervous, talk to your partner or someone you trust you aren't alone! Soon, you'll probably be starting childbirth classes, which can educate you and alleviate some of the fears you may have about labor.


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