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Week 27

Week 27

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At the end of this week, you'll be finished with your second trimester. You'll likely have gained between 15 and 22 pounds at this point, and your balance might be affected by the weight of the baby. In the womb, the baby's brain is still growing, as well as the lungs. The eyelids, which have been shut up until now, slowly begin to open, and coordination is improving. The baby is able to cry now although nobody can hear!

Your baby is still gaining weight rapidly, and will grow around half an inch this week alone. He or she is just over 13 inches, and weighs over two pounds. The skin has become less wrinkled as fat fills out, and the skin has turned opaque.

Now is the time that many women start their maternity leave, although it's becoming more common for a lot of women to continue their career until they are well into the eighth or ninth month. It's a personal decision, and one that is different for everyone. Some parents may need the extra income, while others might not be returning to work until after the baby's birth.

From the end of the second trimester to your baby's birth is when you'll notice the most weight gain. As your abdomen is expanding outwards thanks to your growing baby, more stretch marks might appear. Your breasts will also be getting bigger, and you may need to go shopping for bigger maternity clothes on a weekly basis. You will find that tying your shoes or getting up from a sitting position is even more difficult than it was a week ago. As the baby puts pressure on your bladder, you might have to urinate more often and can suffer from urinary incontinence when you sneeze or laugh.

Most women find that they have strong cravings for certain foods at this stage of pregnancy. They may have an irresistible urge for strange combinations of foods, or meals in the middle of the night. While you should be watching your diet during pregnancy, satisfying your craving for a plate of French fries or slice of cake isn't going to jeopardize your pregnancy health.

You need to be resting as much as you can as you near the third trimester. Take some time and read up on labor, delivery and parenting or research various methods of childbirth. Or, if you and your partner haven't decided on a name, why not look into baby names this week?


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