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Week 25

Week 25

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Your baby is still filling out in the womb, and you'll notice that your stomach begins to expand on the sides as well as the front. The baby is now at 1.5 pounds, and is almost ten inches from head to buttocks. Right now, the spinal structures are busy forming, and blood vessels in the lungs are rapidly developing.

The skin is still a bit wrinkled as there is more weight to be gained before birth, but it's not transparent anymore. At your doctor's office, you'll hear your baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope, and your partner can hear it by putting an ear to your abdomen.

At this point of your pregnancy, heartburn and constipation can be at their worst. There's a good chance you'll have hemorrhoids, which are dilated blood vessels in your rectum. Hemorrhoids can be very painful, but can be soothed by applying an ice pack or some witch hazel. Medicated hemorrhoids pads or suppositories can provide some relief, but avoid taking any laxatives or supplements as these aren't safe for pregnancy.

As your uterus expands even more this week, you might start to feel shooting pains that affect your back and legs. Or, you may have a constant backache as the baby starts to really press down on your uterus. Urinary incontinence may occur when you laugh or sneeze, so wear a maxi pad if you find you can't control your flow of urine. Doing regular Kegels exercises can also help. These exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscle, and will reduce incontinence during pregnancy and after birth.

While every woman is at risk for preterm labor, there's a good chance your baby would survive outside the womb at this point. You should familiarize yourself with preterm labor symptoms so that you're prepared if it happens. If you start feeling moderate to severe cramps, a change in your vaginal discharge or contractions 10 minutes apart or more, go to the emergency room right away. In addition to these symptoms, you may feel increased pressure on your pelvis, a low backache, or have diarrhea.

At this point of pregnancy, you may feel your energy levels starting to drop. Many women stop working in their sixth month, although others might find they feel fine to continue up until the eighth or ninth month. It's important that you don't over-exert yourself, and take time to rest if you feel fatigued.


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