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Week 21

Week 21

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As you enter week 21, your baby's growth is still increasing, although not as rapidly as it was in earlier weeks. Organs and body functions are strengthening rather than growing and baby can respond to outside stimuli. The digestive system and heart are maturing, and the buds for permanent teeth are forming this week. He or she is 10.5 ounces, and is nearing seven and half inches. The vermix the creamy film that protects your baby's skin from liquid is still being produced, and will continue to coat the body until birth.

You've gained between 10 and 14 pounds by now if you're within the normal range. Over your entire pregnancy, you should gain between 25 and 35 pounds, although your requirements will be different if you're having multiples or have health complications. You should never diet while you're pregnant, and you need to ensure that you're getting about 300 extra calories each day. These calories should come from healthy foods rather than sugar or fat.

Your ankles and feet may be swelling, especially at night. If you're pregnant with multiples, you'll probably notice even more fluid retention, so put your feet up! Skin problems can also be frustrating you might have red spider veins on your face, a blotchy pregnancy mask and dry, itchy skin. Keep in mind that these will fade after you give birth to your baby. Drink plenty of water to help reduce dry skin and flush out your system. Lotion or moisturizer can help with dry and flaky skin, although you can't get rid of spider veins or pregnancy mask with any cream or oil.

A lot of women feel at their emotional best during the second trimester, so the weepiness and moodiness that is common in earlier pregnancy may be a thing of the past. Regular exercise can help regulate your mood and sleep patterns, so try to fit in a workout three times every week. Talk to your doctor before you begin any fitness routine, and avoid exercises that put strain on your growing body. You'll have to continue to modify your fitness routine as you near the end of your pregnancy.

If you haven't already looking into childbirth classes, now is the time to do so. Explore various options at local community centers or clinics, and get your partner to go with you to prepare yourselves for labor and delivery.


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