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Week 13

Week 13

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You're now entering your second trimester, and you'll definitely begin to see your body shape changing as both your uterus and the fetus expand. The baby is now fully formed, and is bout 2.6 to 3.1 inches, weighing in around half an ounce to seven tenths of an ounce. Organs begin to function: the liver secretes bile and the pancreas starts producing insulin.

The face is now recognizably human, and the head is quite large. In fact, the head is disproportionate to the rest of the body, but your baby's torso, arms and legs will soon catch up. The eyes have moved from the sides of the head and are growing closer together on your baby's face. The vocal cords are starting to form at this time

The fetus' fingers and toes are visible, and ankles and wrists are now formed. You could now determine if your baby is a boy or a girl if you could look close enough, as outer genitalia is now in place. You'll be scheduling a checkup around this time, and your baby's heartbeat can be heard at this point. While they are quite well formed, your baby's intestines and genitalia will continue to develop during the thirteenth week.

Most women will now be shopping for maternity clothes, as the uterus has expanded and has grown upward into your abdomen. While some women lose weight in the first trimester, you'll start to gain it now in the second trimester. Also, morning sickness and nausea often diminish, so you will gain more weight as your appetite increases. Your growing belly will probably be visible to others. It's common for women to wait until around the thirteenth week to announce a pregnancy, as your risk of miscarriage drops dramatically after week 12.

Your craving for certain foods can still be strong at this point, but stay away from too many sugary snacks and fatty foods. Overall, you should only be consuming about 300 extra calories per day (2500 calories total). Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean means and fish, and low fat dairy products to ensure you and your baby are getting the nutrition you need.

A lot of women call these months the golden trimester, as they feel energized and may not experience the mood swings that happen in the earlier stages of pregnancy. While you might not be feeling the effects of nausea or dizziness, you might feel aches and pains as your uterus stretches and expands.


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