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Week 11

Week 11

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You are almost at the end of your first trimester congratulations; you're just about a third of the way through your pregnancy! Your baby's development has been rapid over the first ten weeks, and the most critical part of formation is over. Your baby's spine has fused, and the major organs have grown. During the 11th week, your baby grows quite a bit, starting at just one inch and nearly doubling in size seven days later.

The baby's head is rapidly growing, and is now about half the length it will be at the end of your pregnancy. The baby's eyelids are fused shut, and while the lenses are already developed the irises will begin to form during this week. The fetus can now swallow and is constantly kicking, although you won't feel it yet. If you looked at your baby in an ultrasound photo, you could likely see if you're expecting a boy or a girl, as the outer genitalia is now formed.

Up until now, the placenta hasn't been functional. Your baby's intestines have now moved away from the umbilical cord, where they formed. By this time next week, blood will be circulating between your baby and your uterus, and the placenta will actually be working.

Hopefully, your morning sickness is decreasing, but certain smells and tastes may make you ill. If you've suffered a loss of appetite, it usually returns around the 11th week, and you might feel hungry all the time. Remember, every woman's pregnancy is different, and it's perfectly normally to still be feeling nauseous, or to be starving all the time.

You may have the sensation of feeling your uterus in your lower pelvis: this is because it is rapidly expanding and putting pressure on your body. The baby is about the size of a lime, and you won't yet be feeling the effects of baby weight on your internal organs.

It's also quite common to notice changes in your hair, skin and nails. Hair and nails sometimes begin to grow at a rapid rate, while breakouts can wreak havoc on your skin. Pregnancy acne can last for the entire nine months, or disappear as you enter your second trimester.

Your doctor has probably talked to you about prenatal testing. Testing for genetic abnormalities is a personal decision, and some parents may choose to undergo it while others decide not to. If you have a family history of a genetic disease, or you are over the age of 35 at conception, your physician will likely suggest genetic testing and counseling.


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