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Week 10

Week 10

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At week ten, your fetus is still extremely tiny about 1.25 to 1.68 inches. The first few weeks are essential to your baby's development, and most genetic abnormalities occur before the tenth week. So, the most critical part of the baby's formation is mostly over, but factors affecting your baby's behavior and brain continue throughout the pregnancy. These could be factors stemming from genetic factors or lifestyle choices, so it's imperative that you don't smoke, drink alcohol or use recreational drugs at any point during your pregnancy.

Your baby is forming every day, and outwardly he or she is beginning to look like a real baby! The eyes are still covered by skin that will become eyelids and fingers and toes are still webbed, but you could make out nostrils, lips and the tongue on an ultrasound picture.

Most women can still hide their pregnancy if they choose to, but you'll most likely be shopping for looser pants. As your uterus expands, your stomach begins to protrude, although it won't be noticeable to others. Normal weight gain for a single pregnancy is around 25-35 pounds if you're normal weight at conception. If you're carrying multiples, you can gain up to 40 pounds and still be considered at a healthy level for your pregnancy.

At this point you'll still be feeling nausea and heartburn if you're prone to pregnancy symptoms. Emotionally, you may feel quite moody and upset. You're most likely fatigued from the changes going on in your body, and might need to nap more frequently during this time. Try to rest as much as possible, and allow yourself to take time to relax and calm your body and mind through yoga or meditation.

Your pregnancy symptoms can start to ease up around this time, so take heart if you're feeling sick and bloated the end may be very near! Your blood volume increases about 50 percent while you're pregnant, so you may find the veins in your legs and arms are more transparent.

The tenth week is usually the time that a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is performed, which will check for genetic abnormalities like sickle cell anemia, Down Syndrome, cystic fibrosis and Tay-Sachs disease. Not all pregnant women will require this test, but if you have a family history of one of these conditions, or you are over 35, your doctor will recommend that you undergo this prenatal testing.


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