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Second Trimester Doctor Visits

Second Trimester Doctor Visits

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As a woman enters the second trimester of her pregnancy, she'll find that doctor's visits will become more frequent. Continuous monitoring is important for the health of her and her baby, so the physician will schedule visits more often for routine tests and procedures.

Most of the questions the doctor asks during second trimester visits will be about excessive tiredness or pain you might be having. Although some symptoms of fatigue or pain are a normal part of pregnancy, sometimes these could indicate a complication. Depending on the medical history you shared with the doctor during your first trimester, he or she might take more blood or urine samples to check things like protein and sugar levels.

Your weight will also be monitored by the physician during your pregnancy. Each time you come in, the doctor will make a note of your weight. Although weight gain is a normal part of pregnancy, too much weight is not a good thing. Excessive weight gain puts much more strain on your body and can cause birth complications. Also, it could be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a type of toxemia that can cause death to the mother or her baby.

Your doctor will offer you recommendations for how much weight gain is normal for your pregnancy. It's usually between 25 and 35 pounds for optimal pregnancy health. Prenatal vitamins are also suggested by your physician in your second trimester. Things like folic acid and calcium are very important for prenatal health and fetal development.

There is a test called the triple test, which is also known as a multiple marker test. It's a simple blood test that measures various hormones in your blood and your fetus to assess potential genetic disorders in the fetus. This test is performed during the second trimester.

If you are going to have an amniocentesis or CVS screening this will also be set up during your second trimester. You'll schedule your second scan, which will show abnormalities and make sure your baby is developing normally. During this test, you will clearly see your child's head and body and movements in the womb. If you want to know whether you should buy pink or blue for the nursery, the sex of your baby can also be determined at the second scan!

As you prepare to enter your third and final trimester, your doctor will also begin to offer support and advice on labor and delivery. If you are following an exercise plan like prenatal yoga or water aerobics, he or she can ensure that it is safe and effective for your pregnancy.


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