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The Third Month of Pregnancy

The Third Month of Pregnancy

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Your baby is rapidly developing during the third month. By the end of week 12, the fetus will be completely formed. The major organs are in place and the baby has tiny hands and feet, which move in the womb. However, your baby is around one ounce so you won't feel any movement at all in the third month. The baby can also open and close the mouth, but the eyelids remain fused shut.

The umbilical cord is fully formed in the third month, and will carry nutrients to your baby and take away waste. Since the fetus is so little, the intestines first develop on the umbilical cord rather than in the stomach.

The head of the fetus is disproportionate to the rest of the body, and the arms are still longer than the legs. Under the baby's gums, small buds have formed which will become baby teeth. If you could see your baby now, he or she might even have a few strands of hair on the head. Any movement of the arms and legs is completely involuntary in the third month.

When you visit your caregiver this month, he or she will take your weight and check the size of your uterus to determine the due date. Your doctor will recommend that you gain between 25 and 35 pounds during the pregnancy, although if you're carrying multiples, have health complications, or are underweight, you will be advised to gain more.

The early pregnancy morning sickness, heartburn, and breast tenderness continue through the third month, and you may also start to notice veins appearing underneath your skin. These veins will be especially noticeable on your breasts, legs and abdomen, and are a result of your blood supply increasing. Throughout the pregnancy, your blood volume will increase by 40-50%.

Some women also find their abdomen begins to protrude slightly in the third month. While the pregnancy is probably not yet apparent to friends and family, you may need larger pants as your uterus expands outwards. Your appetite can also increase, and cravings for certain foods are normal. Particular smells might repulse you, and strange combinations of food could be very appealing!

On an emotional level, a lot of women notice that they become more calm and grounded during the third month. The moodiness, anxiety and weepiness often disappear, replaced by a newfound confidence in the pregnancy.


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