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The Fifth Month of Pregnancy

The Fifth Month of Pregnancy

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You're half way there! Your baby is still growing at a rapid rate, as the organs are maturing and starting to function. The skin is starting to store fat to regulate body temperature outside of the womb, and bile is being produced by the gall bladder for digestion. The eyelashes and eyebrows continue to grow, and muscle mass is making your baby stronger. Your baby's reflexes are also developing, and he or she is now able to suck the thumb and turn from side to side. At the end of this month, your baby will be about 12 inches long, and be up to one pound in weight.

At this month's appointment with your caregiver, your weight, blood pressure and uterus size will be checked. A urine sample will be taken, and your physician will check your hands and feet for swelling, and see if any varicose veins you have are growing. You will probably have concerns you want to discuss with your health care provider at this appointment.

In addition to pregnancy symptoms like nausea, heartburn and dizziness, you may start to be constipated or have hemorrhoids. When you're pregnant, your rectal muscles relax, so it's not uncommon to suffer from constipation or recurring hemorrhoids. Try not to strain during bowel movements, and use medicated pads or witch hazel to ease hemorrhoid pain.

As your uterus expands, aches and pains can increase. The ligaments of your uterus are being stretched, and your lower abdomen can begin to ache and leg cramps can increase. Backache is another common pregnancy symptom that appears around the fifth month, and can be eased with a hot water bottle or heating pad.

At this point, you might also notice changes in your skin. Red spider veins can appear on the face, as well as pregnancy mask blotches on the forehead and cheeks. Your skin may become dry and itchy, so use lotion or oil to keep your skin hydrated. Don't panic if you develop a rash or discoloration on your skin; these conditions will fade soon after the birth of your baby.

You could be feeling closer than ever to your partner, as moodiness and irritability often disappears for the fifth month. Enjoy your time with your partner take a getaway or spend some quality time together, as you won't get many chances once baby is born!


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