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Stages of Pregnancy

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Being told that you are pregnant is in many ways equivalent to being told you’ve only got so much time left. This many seem like an unnecessarily negative way to look at it, but logically it is absolutely true. Your life will never be the same once you conceive and the nine months of gestation is your last nine months as the person you are. Pregnancy changes your body and your mind forever in so many incredible ways. Some are good and some are more challenging, but each stage of pregnancy offers new things to learn about your body and yourself.

The three pregnancy trimesters are each unique in the changes they bring to your body and your mind. It is essential to learn as much as you can about what you are experiencing and what to expect from each trimester as they approach. Of course, every pregnancy is different and what you experience may be polar opposite to the experiences of others. Some women will only have morning sickness in the first trimester, while others suffer with it throughout the entire pregnancy. Some women develop varicose veins and other find their bellies riddled with stretch marks. The key is to get a good understanding of the ranges of ‘normal’ throughout the trimesters.

Knowing what to expect from your pregnancy is invaluable. There is nothing more terrifying than being unprepared and if this is your first pregnancy you may feel utterly lost and out of control. These feelings are valid! One day you’re exhausted and the next you’re up all night battling restless legs. Educate yourself while taking advantage of your obstetrician’s experience by asking as many questions as you need to at your appointments. Finding reputable sources of information about your pregnancy month by month and even your pregnancy week by week is also important to allay some of your anxiety. It can be very heartening to be able to connect what is happening to you inside with what you see outside.

You may love being pregnant and you may be counting the days until it’s over. As previously mentioned, the experience is as unique as each woman is. However, the changes your body goes through are well studied and although it may seem entirely alien to you, all the stages and symptoms of pregnancy are quite common. Don't fear these changes but embrace them. You may find you actually miss being pregnant when it is over!


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