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Pregnancy Preparedness Top 10 List

Pregnancy Preparedness Top 10 List

Before you conceive, you want to make sure you're as prepared as possible. Of course, sometimes Mother Nature takes her course, and your bundle of joy isn't necessarily planned! The more you can organize before your get pregnant the better. Use these top 10 pregnancy preparedness tips to know when you're most ready to be a parent.

1) Are You Healthy?
If you're overweight or underweight, you could have trouble conceiving. Certain medications for health conditions can also decrease fertility, so talk to your doctor about any prescriptions.

2) Bad Habits:
Smoking, drinking and recreational drugs are not only terrible for you, but they can cause a myriad of health problems in your baby if continued past conception. Prepare your body for pregnancy by cutting out cigarettes or more than one or two drinks per week.

3) Money, Money, Money:
Before you get pregnant, talk about financial arrangements and make a realistic budget. Talk about expenditures if your guilty pleasure is a pair of Manilos each month you may have to curb your shopping before baby, who will need diapers and clothing.

4) The Birth and Delivery Details:
If your heart is set on a home birth but your spouse isn't at all comfortable with it, you need to talk about compromise and find a solution that works for both of you. The physician's personality, your spouse's role in the delivery room, and even circumcision need to be discussed.

5) Off To Work:
If you and your spouse have careers, who will stay at home with the baby for the first few months and who will head off to work each morning? Will you want to leave your child in daycare once he or she is old enough?

6) Sibling Care:
If you have other children, who will care for them while you and your spouse are at doctor's appointments? Will your mother move in for three weeks to help out, or will you ask a neighbor to watch your toddler while you're in labor?

7) Parenting Style:
It's no fun to play good cop, bad cop with your spouse, so work out how you can have a united front while providing firm but loving discipline to your child.

8) Religious Beliefs:
This is a big one if you have a child, will he or she be raised in the mother's religion, or follows the father's faith? Will your baby be baptized, or attend Sunday School?

9) Housework Help:
The last thing you want is to be squabbling over dirty dishes when your spouse comes home from work, so arrange who will take care of the laundry, cleaning and dishes each day. It's not fair to expect the spouse who stays home with the baby to do it all, so divide up tasks fairly.

10) Baby Care:
More than a few moms-to-be have been surprised by a sudden I don't change diapers response from their spouse during baby's first weeks. Discuss a fair way to divide baby care so that everyone is doing their share.


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