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Preparing your body for pregnancy

The rigors of pregnancy can be such that many fitness experts recommend taking at least a year to prepare your body. Your tendons soften, your joints widen, and your organs shift you have a great deal of work to do in nine short months. Whether your preconception planning happens two years before you conceive or two weeks, take steps to put your body and mind in order. You may not have the luxury of a year's time to ready your mind and body for motherhood, but there are so many benefits to preparing that any effort will have positive results.

After that exciting moment has passed when you decide to start a family, more concrete tasks take the foreground. The business of planning to conceive can be somewhat more complicated than enjoying some moments of unchecked passion. There is very little romantic about a pre-conception examination and checklist but they are just as necessary as the fun stuff in order to start a family. There are health conditions to consider from both parents as well as in your extended families. If making a detailed list isn't conclusive enough for you, you may want to consider pursuing genetic counseling. Not intended by any means to sway your decision, these tests can help you to prepare for any health challenges your new little one may experience in the future.

Preparing your body for pregnancy may mean abandoning some habits you've been enjoying for quite some time. With day-to-day living, it's hard to keep health, diet and nutrition considerations in mind. However, it's your body that will be nurturing and developing all the important organs of your child and accordingly, it deserves respect during this crucial time. One last cigarette, another weekend of binge drinking or your umpteenth stop at a fast food restaurant can all have a negative effect on your developing child and it's best to take the time before conceiving to break yourself of these habits. This may take a while so be gentle and remember that you're only human.

Replace these bad habits with new, healthier ones. It's believed that it takes at least a month to make a new pursuit a habit. Beginning to take interest in fitness, exercise and physical activity before pregnancy will serve you well as it can carry you through the aches and pains of childbearing and be a comfort to you in the months post partum. All stages of parenthood have their stresses and having a good fitness program in your arsenal will help you combat what can often be considerable exhaustion.

Your body is an astoundingly complex machine and through pregnancy you may find you gain a new appreciation for it. The years you might have spend hating your thighs or complaining about your breast size may suddenly seem irrelevant when you realize the beauty it's capable of. Pregnancy and birth are monumental tasks for your body to do. Consider preparing your body for pregnancy to be like training for the biggest marathon of your life.


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