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Pregnancy Myths We are sure you have heard many old wives' tales told by our mothers and grandmothers, the truth is, most tales from years ago are just that...TALES

Here we will expose the truth on many common pregnancy myths and tales!

Myth- If you experience heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will be born with lots of hair.

The Truth- Heartburn is not an accurate predictor as to the amount of hair your baby will have.

Myth- You can tell your baby's gender by the way you are carrying

The Truth- Other than ultrasound and amniocentesis (or chorionic villi sampling), there is no way to determine the gender of the baby you are carrying.  Babies are carried differently based on their position, their gestational age and weight, and their maternal weight.

Myth-You can tangle the umbilical cord around the baby's neck by raising your arms above your head.

The Truth- There is nothing that a mother can do to cause this


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