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Naming Twins

Congratulations! You are expecting twins. The world is enamored with multiples and when carrying more than one little soul to love you have probably run the gamut of emotions from pure bliss to utter disbelief or even fear. This is perfectly normal as you now have twice the concerns.

Putting all normal apprehensions aside, one exciting reward – among many - of having twins is being able to choose two names instead of one. There are factors you should consider when naming your TWO bundles of joy. You may be surprised that it holds unique challenges as compared to naming a singleton.

The Twin Connection

Throughout their young lives – and possibly beyond – your babies will be known as “the twins”. This places an emphasis on “oneness” instead of two individuals with two unique personalities and identities. Although it may be tempting to give your adorable little bundles cute “matching” names at birth, such as Christopher and Christian, this may cause difficulties in distinguishing one from the other by family members and other children when they enter school. This would be especially problematic for identical twins or fraternal twins that look similar. Although giving twins matching names such as Gabriella, Isabella and Isaac, Isaiah is extremely popular, this point is something you may want to consider before deciding on names.

If you are determined on giving your twins names that are somehow connected, one less obvious way to accomplish this goal is giving your children names with similar meanings or origins. One popular option is Biblical names. Although Biblical boy names dominate, there are numerous ones you could choose for your little girl or girls as well. A few of these include Hanna, Elizabeth, Mary, Danielle (feminine form of Daniel), and Sarah.

You could also have the meanings of the names be of significant importance to you. If you desire strong names for your twin boys, you could use the names Adan (fire) and Eric (leader) for example. Another variation would be to offset your babies’ names by choosing ones with opposite meanings like Alena (light) and Ciara (from the Irish ciar meaning “dark”)

Twin Names – Music to Your Ears or does it Fall Flat?

Since your twin’s names will be said together on many occasions, they should compliment each other. Although some may disagree with me, Annabelle and Lucinda or Rachel and Hanna (I may be bias as these are the names of my twin girls) sound pleasant when said together. If you notice, each name has the same number of syllables as its counterpart – three syllables for Annabelle and Lucinda and two for Rachel and Hanna. On the other hand, Joshua and Albert or Jasmine and Kate sound slightly “off”.

What’s in a Name? More than you think!

It is also important that each name is of the same simplicity or complexity as the other. You would not want to give one twin an “exotic” – unusual name (Cadogan) and have the other with a more common, traditional name (Scott). Although you want your children to feel that you view them as unique individuals, you don’t want one to be “set apart” from the other. At a later date, depending on their preference, one may feel slighted that their twin brother or sister received the “exotic” more easily remembered name and they were “stuck” with a name that every other child in their class has or vice versa.

As you have noticed, there is much to consider when naming your twins whether they are identical twins or fraternal boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl twins. Once you have decided on the perfect names for your tiny bundles of love, it’s time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. By the way, have you decided on their middle names yet?

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