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It’s said that when a baby is born, so is a mother. Although referred to as ‘expectant mothers’ when pregnant, the full import of the word often doesn’t hit a woman until she can actually hold her child in her arms and sometimes not even then. But suddenly, at some point, she will become acutely aware of the responsibility of caring for her baby now and for years to come.

Motherhood comes easy for some and is more of a challenge for others. Some women have wanted to be mothers for as long as they can remember and some stumbled blindly into it. In any case, it’s an incredible job and one of the most difficult anyone could have. Learning to care for baby is the best example of ‘trial by fire’ available. It’s always helpful to take prenatal courses if you are expecting your first child as these can help to familiarize you with what will be required of you in the next year or so. But how can a few days of diapering a baby doll prepare you for actual parenthood? Be comforted knowing that as a mother, your most invaluable tool is your instinct. As you and your baby learn about each other, listening to your ‘gut’ will help you to make important decisions for your family. If you combine this with ongoing education about your child’s development and the support of your partner and/or other mothers, you will find your shift to motherhood to be a little easier.

With all the attention you give your new baby, you may find yourself wondering, ‘will there ever be time to care for me?” If there isn’t time, you need to make it. You will be in no position to give your baby the best care you can if there are only crumbs of you left. Like all the other plans you make to care for your child from newborn to toddler and beyond, you must schedule time for yourself. You may find that the things that you enjoyed before you became a mother will be all the more sweet. Yoga, reading, painting, music, video games, retail therapy…. all of these activities can help you to recharge and become a better parent in the process. Your body and your mind need to be fueled in order to give your new family what it needs to prosper.

Sometimes thankless but always gratifying, motherhood is an amazing experience. There is nothing that will make you stronger or help you grow more than learning how to care for your child. Remember the dignity and strength of your new position. Never comprise when it comes to your baby’s care and wellbeing as well as your own.


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