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My Favorite Baby Names

Oh, the many joys of choosing the perfect name for your new little one. You may be in the throes of excitement as you read through numerous baby name lists and discover the roots and meanings of hundreds – if not thousands – of different names. On the other hand, your baby-naming journey may not be going so smoothly. There have been numerous detours along the way and you can foresee no end in sight. Will you have a name picked out before your baby makes their grand entrance? Will you have to pummel the next person - with slightly swollen fists from water weight gain - the next person who asks what name you have chosen for lil’ “I have no name”? Before throwing the nearest hard object through your computer screen, maybe a little organization is just what is needed for you to finally decide on the perfect name for your soon-to-be new arrival.

Regardless if you are just beginning your search for a baby name or have been looking for sometime, you will find our “My Favorites” tool useful. As certain “potential” names come to mind you can add them to your list and save them for future reference. When a certain name falls out of favor, it can be deleted from your list altogether. Sort your favorite names however you please such as by gender or in order of preference. You can even print your list so that you will have it handy for whenever and wherever inspiration may strike.

Do you want the opinions of friends and family on your top favorite baby names? By using our “My Favorites” tool you can e-mail your list to all the people in your address book. Why not ask them to rank the names you have chosen from their most to least favorite? This is just an idea of course as too many opinions can often make your baby-naming search even more difficult.

By using the various options that our “My Favorites” has to offer, your journey to choosing the perfect name for your little bundle of joy can be made less stressful as well as enjoyable.

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