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Most first time mothers are extraordinarily nervous about delivery. Who can blame them? Labor and childbirth are listed as one of the most physically demanding things a human being can experience and faced with this fact, it's no wonder most women feel like running toward the end of their nine months. Some things you can't control but in the case of delivery, try to control what you can. Choose a birth method and medication strategy that you feel comfortable with and be sure to enlist labor support that you can trust. Educating yourself as much as possible about the mechanics of delivery will help immeasurably and the articles below will help you learn what you need. Remember that although it may seem impossible to you now, when you are ready to meet your new little one, you'll find reserves of strength you never knew you had.

Cesarean Risks
A study just published by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology confirms that birth by ...

An episiotomy is a surgical procedure that enlarges the vaginal opening during labor ...

Labor & Delivery
Learn about the stages of labor, signs of labor, what to expect during child birth, pain ...


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