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Free Baby Websites

Yes!  It`s REALLY FREE - Forever! Get Yours Now!

Ready to announce your pregnancy, newborn baby, or create a webpage for your growing baby? Announce your pregnancy,  birth of your new baby, or show off  the many milestones your baby has accomplished with a free baby website!

Customize your baby webpage with information about your pregnancy, labor, baby, or any other info you would like! In just minutes you can start showing off your website to friends and family all over the world!

In just minutes SHARE THE JOY of your newborn baby or older child online with family and friends no matter where they live, whether across the street, across the country or around the world with a Free full-featured website. EASY AS 1-2-3 No experience at all is needed to create your child`s Free, Safe and Secure website!

It truly is as EASY as 1-2-3.

Simply fill out a form and upload your photos from your computer directly to your website with our easy-to-use upload feature. The website does the rest! SAFE & SECURE We understand your information is important, therefore we have put in place appropriate procedures to safeguard and ensure its security

Your FREE customized OnLine Baby Album is a Full-Featured Website and includes:


  • GREET your visitors with your choice of Music from our musical library.

  • Child's Photo - change as often as you want.

  • Birth statistics and updated statistics.

  • Your own personalized introduction/greetings page title.

  • Exclusive!  Add your own personal message with complete creative control over the font style, font size and color of text.  Use special characters as well as bold, underline, italics, etc.

  • Exclusive!  Automatic Links to siblings websites.


  • Upload all of your photos right from your computer to your website.

  • You don't have to resize your photos.  We do it for you!

  • Organize photos into an individual photo album of ten photos.

  • Change your photos (and album title) as often as you want.

  • Add your own personal captions and edit at anytime.

  • No waiting.  No hassle.

  • In seconds, family & friends can view the latest pictures of your bundle of joy.

  • Bonus Album!  Create a Growth Photo Album with statistics. . . start with your baby's newborn photo and add more photos (at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc.) as your child grows and changes.

  • Record your favorite pregnancy memories or your doctor visits for family far away!

  • Record all your child's important "firsts" (first tooth, first smile, first step, etc.).

  • Compare to national average.

  • Preserve and create a permanant Keepsake record of your child's early developmental milestones.

  • Create your child's own personal Milestones (first haircut, first party, first time at the beach, toilet trained, dances, tumbles, etc.)

  • Exclusive!  One of your photos is randomly displayed everytime someone visits this page.

Get Your Free Website Now!


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