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12 Things He Should Do Before You Try To Get Pregnant

12 Things He Should Do Before You Try To Get Pregnant

Your guy can make or break conception: men are more susceptible to environmental and lifestyle factors that can affect sperm and cause fertility problems. Before you try to conceive, he should take these steps to prepare his body and mind for pregnancy.

1) Cut out the bad stuff
If he smokes, takes recreational drugs or drinks alcohol excessively, he needs to stop. Not only is he putting his health at risk, but he's decreasing your chance for getting pregnant in the first place – tobacco and excessive drinking can lower sperm count.

2) Watch the weight
Being overweight or underweight can diminish chances of conception. Motivate him to get his body in good shape by stocking your fridge with healthy foods and being an exercise buddy for an evening walk or jog.

3) Investigate family history
He needs to talk to his family and get access to medical records before you conceive. This can help you understand the risk of certain genetic abnormalities in your fetus.

4) Get finances in order
It might not be the right time to have a baby if you're drowning in mortgage debt or trying to pay off student loans. If you and your spouse have a lot of debt, it may be wise to wait until you've got things under control.

5) Look into health insurance
He needs to figure out his health benefits from work, or research private health care plans. Doctor's visits, hospital and delivery charges add up to thousands of dollars, and you'll be deep in debt if you pay out of pocket.

6) Pay attention to mental health
How's he feeling? Is he depressed? Depression can actually decrease fertility, so if he's feeling down he should seek help before you get pregnant. Not only will this be better for his health, but you'll feel less stress during your pregnancy.

7) Have a fun vacation or weekend away
Whether it's a holiday with you or a last minute weekend in Vegas, he should have a chance to enjoy a carefree getaway before you both take on the responsibility of pregnancy and childcare (you should too, for that matter)!

8) Understand the workload
Don't leave the division of childcare and household chores until the baby is born. Talk about who will do what, and what you'll need from him in terms of taking care of your new addition.

9) Eliminate workplace hazards
If he toils all day in a plant filled with chemicals, he needs to limit the amount of time he spends around paints and cleaners as much as possible. These toxins can drastically decrease fertility.

10) Baby-sit for a weekend
Before you take on the job of parents, both of you should spend some time with a child to learn exactly how difficult it can be. Of course it's rewarding and fun as well, but your man needs to know it's not all teaching his son how to throw a football or dressing his daughter in cutesy outfits.

11) Get a medical exam
It’s important to rule out health problems and potential fertility complications before you start trying to get pregnant. Your doctor will ask you detailed questions, and perform a physical exam to make sure that your body is healthy and ready for conception.

12) Enhance Sperm Production
There are steps you can take to increase sperm production, and you may not even know that your lifestyle could be hindering conception. Wear loose fitting briefs or boxers, as tight underwear decreases sperm production. Avoid hot tubs and strenuous cycling, as this can contribute to a low sperm count.


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