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Getting Ready For A Second Child

Getting Ready For A Second Child

Before you welcome baby number two into your family, you need to be ready for the change in lifestyle it brings. It can be a difficult decision, and one that will change your family forever.

If you want to conceive again, remember that spacing between your children will play a huge role in your workload. If you are trying to take care of a toddler while you're in your last trimester, you will have a much harder time than if you wait until your firstborn is three. Although there's no perfect time and mother nature sometimes has other plans studies have shows that two to three years between births is the ideal amount of time.

If you're thinking about having a second baby, you'll need to look into financial options as well. Many families who want a larger family choose to have another baby soon after the first. For some people, this is ideal, as mom can return to work much sooner than if she has children eight years apart. If you are comfortable as a stay at home mom or working from a home office, having a second baby may be an easier choice. However, working women often find it more difficult to give up their careers especially if it's for the second time. If a second baby is in the cards, look into your company's maternity leave policy and health insurance coverage.

By now you probably know very well that babies are expensive (We know, money isn't everything, and seeing your baby smile at you is worth every penny)! Before you conceive your second child, look into your finances. Can you afford another child at this time? Luckily, you'll be able to use a lot of the baby items from your first child clothing, furniture and toys but it will still take careful financial planning to support a second child.

If you're in your twenties or thirties, you might have the luxury of taking some time between having children and saving for a few years to ensure you're really ready. If you're in your late thirties or forties, waiting five years to have your second child might not be an option for you.

When you had your first baby, hopefully you and your partner sat down and discussed career, childcare and house work options together. If you want to bring another baby into your life, now is the time to have that talk again! Make sure your expectations are discussed with your partner, and both of you feel the same way about a second baby.

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