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Are You Ready To Have Another Baby?

Are You Ready To Have Another Baby?

Before you have another baby, you need to consider a few key things about how it will affect your life. While there may be no perfect time to have a baby, there are some important considerations when it comes to conceiving. Some moms would rather have their children close together, so that the days of diapers and late night feedings are over with sooner. Others want to wait until their first child is past the terrible twos, or off to preschool or kindergarten. Here are four things you need to think about before you start trying to become pregnant again:

1) How do you feel? Explore your options for wanting to have another child. Is it to expand your family and share your love with another person? Or, is it to save a bad marriage or because you're lonely now that your firstborn has gone off to school? Sit down, close your eyes, and focus on the idea of having another baby. If you feel anxious, unhappy or upset at the idea, you need to re-examine your decision.

2) How does your partner feel? If your partner is adamant about having another baby and you're not quite sure, don't just go along with it. Similarly, if you've got your heart set on another bundle of joy, and your partner isn't ready, you need to wait until you're on the same page before you conceive. Also look at your current relationship, and how strong you feel it is. A baby adds a lot of stress to your marriage along with joy and it might be difficult if things are rocky now.

3) How old are your other children, and how much energy do they need from you? Not only that, but how much energy will they need from you at the time of the birth? If you have a young baby who doesn't sleep through the night now, remember that he or she will be nearing two years old when the next baby arrives. Or, if you have a rambunctious toddler now, will you be physically able to cope with childcare when you're nine months pregnant?

4) How stable are your finances? There may never be a time when you're fabulously wealthy and able to stop worrying about debt, but if you are just barely paying your mortgage each month or have just lost your job, it might not be the best time. If having a baby in the future is a serious consideration, start setting aside money now to help ease the financial burden.


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