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Nurturing Your Relationship Before The Baby Is Born

Nurturing Your Relationship Before The Baby Is Born

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It can be easy to get wrapped up in your pregnancy and baby planning, especially when you're near the end of your third trimester. You may feel sick, constipated and moody at some point in your pregnancy, which can also make you feel less than ready to spend the evening in the bedroom, or even interacting with your partner.

Nurturing the relationship you have with your partner is extremely important, and will become even more so when your baby arrives. Many new parents unknowingly sabotage their relationship when they become parents, and neglect the other person. It's essential to nurture your relationship before your baby is born, as your partner needs your love and support dearly at this time.

You and your partner should sit down and talk about how you are feeling. Don't be afraid to communicate that you're feeling depressed, angry or just downright sick during your pregnancy, and hear what your partner has to say as well. The first step in becoming closer is sharing your feelings, and if you can laugh about the lack of sex rather than accuse, or admit that you're having a less that stellar day and need a back massage, you're on the right track.

The physical demands of pregnancy can take its toll. Mothers-to-be can feel fatigued and sore at the end of the day, or may be experiencing morning sickness, heartburn or various other pregnancy symptoms. Both partners should be prepared for less intimacy in the bedroom, or days where you just want to vent about your growing belly or strange cravings. If both partners are aware of potential changes, you will be better equipped for any bumps in the road.

Set aside some time with your spouse to spend alone without any distractions. Schedule a date night at the movies, or get away for the weekend if you can. Once the baby comes, you will have even less time for yourselves, so cherish this last little bit of child free time and enjoy each other's company.

Get excited together about your pregnancy and baby. Shop for a new crib, or decorate the nursery together one afternoon. Many men feel like they are somewhat shut out during pregnancy, as the woman carries and nurtures the child in her body for nine months. Share your baby's movements and stages of development with your partner at every step of the way, so he feels involved in the process.


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