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Pregnancy at 20

Pregnancy at 20

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Pregnancy is a vastly different experience for every woman. Age also plays a factor whether you are 20 or 40 it plays a role in pregnancy and childbirth. So, what can you expect from pregnancy at 20?

At such a young age, your risk of pregnancy related health problems is much lower than it is for older women. The risk of infertility or miscarriage is much less, and women at this age are at their most fertile. This often makes it much easier to conceive if you are trying to get pregnant, but you'll need to be extra careful about contraception if you're not!

The risk of certain genetic disorders such as Downs Syndrome is also at their lowest. In fact, a woman in her forties is seven times more likely to be carrying a baby with Downs Syndrome than a woman in her twenties. Your risk of gestational diabetes is also cut in half, and today most physicians won't even test for it in women under 25.

Women who have pregnancies in their twenties are also most likely to be very physically fit. Younger bodies bounce back from pregnancy and delivery more quickly than those of older women. Weight loss can also be much easier for women in their twenties, whose faster metabolism makes dropping post pregnancy pounds less of a struggle. Getting pregnant in your twenties can even have health benefits for you! You may be decreasing your chance of developing diseases like breast cancer and ovarian cancer by having children at a younger age.

Where women are at emotionally is also a huge factor in maternal contentment. The twenties are when most women are getting married, finishing education and starting careers, or traveling. Some women in their twenties feel assured and ready to become mothers, while other women may feel unprepared, or regret the intrusion on a new marriage or relationship. It can be a very confusing time for young women who have an unplanned pregnancy and must adjust their education and careers to accommodate a baby. How you feel about a pregnancy in your twenties entirely depends on what your goals for a career or education are.

With continued health advances making it possible for women to have healthy babies later on in life, many couples are waiting until their thirties or forties to get pregnant. However, having a baby in your twenties has some definite advantages mainly that you are in your physical prime and have a far lower chance of having to deal with many health problems during your pregnancy.


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