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Financial and Practical Concerns

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Having a baby is an exciting time filled with the dreams and hopes of both partners. There’s time to peruse baby name books, design your nursery and choose your perfect stroller. What needs to be considered amidst all this dreamy planning is the reality of your finances and exactly how much starting a family can cost. Although far from dreamy, spending time addressing your financial concerns is an essential part of planning for your new arrival. Working with your partner, it’s highly recommended to put a sound financial plan into place before the baby arrives. This is especially true if one of you will be staying home for an indefinite amount of time. Start your budgeting by reading the following articles. They’ll give you ideas on how to manage your money both before and after baby’s arrival. Remember that money is the number one subject couples disagree on and if both of you have a clear understanding of your financial situation you’ll reduce the amount of conflict considerably.

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