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Financial, Practical and Emotional Preparations

Financial, Practical and Emotional Preparations

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Pregnancy is exactly like a roller coaster. You may have stood in line for a while, excited and wondering what it’s going to be like or you may have been dragged on by your partner or friends. But once on it, it’s thrilling and terrifying all at once. Once off it, you might run right back to the end of the line to go again. However, unlike a roller coaster, you need to make a great deal of financial, practical and emotional preparations before you get on. Pregnancy is a life changing experience and you’ll find it’s easier to handle if you are realistic in your planning.

The first step in becoming parents is the lifestyle compromises you’ll have to make as soon as you conceive. Your pregnancy symptoms may keep your from going out with your friends. You may simply find sipping cranberry and soda while your buddies do beer bongs to be less than exciting. Financial and practical concerns may suddenly arise as you realize the costs of child rearing and the sacrifices you’ll have to make in order to meet them. Luckily, you are not alone with these concerns. There comes a point when every couple realizes the extent of the changes having children will bring to their lifestyle. It’s important to be sure you both understand your responsibilities and support each other as your lives begin to change.

These changes can bring up many relationship issues as well. Suddenly it’s not just you and your partner against the world – you have a new sidekick. Sitting down and discussing any relationship issues you may be dealing with now before the baby’s arrival will be very beneficial. Having children is one of the most wonderful but stressful things a couple can do together and you will both change and grow through this experience. However, you need to establish realistic expectations together before you are thrust into your new roles as parents. Doing this during your pregnancy will make the first few months of transition considerably easier.

These conversations will help you strengthen your relationship, but you need to be aware of any issues you may have personally. Pregnancy has an effective way of bringing up many new issues and preparing emotionally is an excellent idea. Women may find themselves struggling to come to grips with the idea of being a mother while their partners may be weighted down by the ‘provider’ role. Incorporating some private time into your daily activities will help you to find your way through these difficult issues.

As hard as some of these preparations may be to make and even discuss, they will help you a great deal throughout your pregnancy and into your post partum period. A pragmatic approach to such a major event reduces drama when there is naturally already so much to deal with. Take care of all the practical aspects of your pregnancy now so you can relax and enjoy the ride a bit more.


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