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My postpartum body

When you actually get the chance to have some time alone after childbirth, you may be curious about your post partum body. After feeling generally huge and ungainly for nine months, you're probably excited to begin the process of getting back to your original shape. However, upon looking in a mirror after giving birth, many women can be quite shocked. What happened? The majority of women see the biggest changes in their breasts, stomach, hips and vagina. Reduce some of the shock by reading on to learn the common areas affected by pregnancy and childbirth and what you can do help restore them to their former appearance. Remember that certain parts of you may never be the same, but quite a few women are as proud of these changes as new tattoos. Like your baby's name emblazoned across your hips, these changes announce that you are a proud mother who has accomplished the extraordinary.

Keep Up Your Kegels
With nine months of pregnancy and the delivery of a baby, many women find their vaginal muscles loosen, and they may experience...

Your Period After Pregnancy
Many women are puzzled or even alarmed by the absence of a period after delivery, or the increase in blood or cramps during ...

Exercising After Pregnancy
Generally most women can begin a formal exercise program within 6 weeks of giving birth, though this time fram


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