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Care for Me

Care for Me

Some women bond with their babies when they feel their first movements in the womb and others don’t feel that connection until a few months after they’re born. Whether it’s immediate or not, this bond is a powerful one and it leads many women to neglect their own needs in the months post partum. With the almost constant demands of a baby, it’s very easy to forget to give yourself the attention you deserve. “How can I care for me when I must always care for baby” is a common question for many new moms. The answer is to let the socks go unfolded, throw a frozen pizza in the oven and do it. Making time for yourself is just as important and looking after your new family.

One of the biggest complaints women have is the changes that happen to their bodies during pregnancy and after. “Give me back my pre-pregnancy body!” tends to be the universal cry and many women embark on crash diets and exercise programs too soon after their delivery. Some parts of your body may never be the same, but the rest will fall back into place with careful consideration to health and nutrition by your baby’s first birthday. It took nine months to make a baby; it will certainly take longer to get back into your postpartum jeans. Getting back into shape will certainly do great things for your morale as exercise will naturally boost your endorphin level and help to counteract the effects of sleepless nights and worry. However, don’t push it. Respect your body’s limitations. Waiting until your post partum aches and pains have subsided and getting your doctor’s o.k. to begin is the most intelligent way to start.

Over seventy five percent of women will suffer from some level of post partum depression. It is so common in fact, that most doctors aren’t concerned unless the feelings last longer than two weeks. Be prepared for hormonal chaos during this time. All of the chemicals and biological processes that have been churning away inside of you are rapidly going back to normal and this naturally causes some intense sensations. However, if you have any post partum emotional concerns, see your doctor right away. The support available for women in the post partum months is amazing and she can point you in the right direction to help you overcome this common but painful condition. There is no shame in admitting you need help and getting treatments available will enable you to function at your best and enjoy your new baby.

Your postpartum months and even your years as a mother are no time to put yourself last. It’s all too common and entirely unnecessary. Being a mother does not mean being a martyr and you need to take responsibility for your own well-being. A happy woman is a happy mother and a happy mother means a happy baby


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