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Story #2

Story #2

I am a breastfeeding mother of two little girls. My oldest daughter 2.5 yrs old and my youngest daughter is 11.5 months I tried to wean my 2.5 year old but she started getting mean with her baby sister do to she wasn't able to have juices (Breastmilk)  So since I stay home I decided she doesn't eat well in first place but she loves to nurse it is her comfort food. So I feel she will wean herself one day but she a very healthy little girl. As for my youngest daughter she is starting to get teeth.

Yes the dreaded T word. Well it is always the hardest do to they don't realize they are there or they are trying to figure out what they are for. Well she doesn't bite per say but when she starts to nod off she will try to suckle and tends to get nipple right on end. I go ahead keep her face right up to my chest so this doesn't happen. nursing is a very healthy experience! I am so glad my children have had they experience to grow up happy and healthy!!



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