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Care for Baby

Care for Baby

Basic Newborn Care: No matter if you are a first or second time mom, these tips and advice are sure to help with the care of your new baby!

Motherhood is a state of being unlike any other. It’s duties and responsibilities are hard to define, as they seem to change almost daily. One minute you are the consummate nurturer and the next you must act the disciplinarian. You become a mother as soon as you conceive and every step of the way afterward presents new rewards and challenges. There is no manual and often it can seem impossible but with a little help and understanding from your support network, you’ll find you settle into a comfortable rhythm in no time.

Care for a newborn can sometimes seem like a mystery. Collecting all the necessary baby gear and nursery accoutrements is the easy part but when you’re faced with the actual responsibility of childrearing it can be a little overwhelming. This is particularly true if you’ve had no prior experience with babies. Keep in mind that understanding health and safety should be your first priority. Your little one is utterly helpless and depends on you to provide a safe environment and the care it needs to thrive in the first months. Taking prenatal classes with your partner or friends can be very beneficial and a little independent research will help you to understand the dos and don’ts of baby care.

You may experience great frustration as you get accustomed to feeding your baby. Whether you choose to breast feed, bottle feed or a combination of both, try to keep in mind that your baby is as new to this as you are and it may take a little practice for the two of you to get the hang of it. Your public health nurse or lactation consultant can be a great source of help at this time. They will help you answer any questions you might have as well as reassure you that breast or bottle feeding isn’t easy for any new mother.

Another common concern when it comes to care for baby is baby sleep issues. A trip to the bookstore’s parenting section is indicative of parent’s obsession with proper sleep. The shelves are literally stocked with manuals promising a good nights sleep to wearing new parents. Choosing to co-sleep or put your baby in a crib is one of the first of many choices you’ll have to make for your baby’s well being. Understanding babies sleep patterns and infant sleeping issues will help you to make the choices that are best for your family. Try not to get too caught up in the ‘sleeping through the night = good parenting” assumption. Your baby comes into this world a little individual and as such, will have his own ‘sleep personality’. Some babies just don’t get a solid eight hours for two years or more and this has nothing to do with your skills as a mother.

Your baby’s development and milestones go by incredibly quickly. Before you know it, you may be contemplating going back to work and/or looking for quality childcare/babysitters. In all the chaos of learning to be a mother, try to find the time to record all these precious moments as they pass. This being said, it’s equally important to find the time to celebrate your own birth as a parent and all the amazing skills you’ll acquire in such a short amount of time.

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