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You may have been trying to conceive for many months, even years, or your pregnancy may have come as a complete, but very pleasant surprise. Regardless, you are probably already deeply connected and in love with the little one who has taken up residence within your womb. Of all the mental, physical and practical preparations you have been undergoing since the second line appeared on your pregnancy test – one that may be bringing about a plethora of emotions is choosing the perfect name for your soon-to-be new arrival.

You may be slightly stressed when it concerns naming your child, as you are probably well aware of its importance. They will carry the name that you have carefully chosen the remainder of their lifetime. Not only that, it will also become an integral part of their identity. If you felt stressed before, you may now be in full panic mode.

Although your baby’s name is important, the process of naming your little bundle of pink or blue should be enjoyable as well! For your convenience, we have compiled numerous useful resources to make the journey of locating and deciding on the “ideal” name for your up-and-coming bundle of joy both fun and stress free.

Along with offering tips on naming your baby, we have collected the 100 top popular baby names since 1880 as recorded by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This is an ideal starting point if you desire a classic or old-fashioned name. Interspersed between timeless names such as John, Michael, Catherine and Elizabeth and current popular names like Emily, Emma, Jacob and Justin are names from past generations such as Mildred, Virginia, Ernest and Eugene. These top 100 baby names will not only give you a glimpse of the most popular baby names over the last 126 years – a truly invaluable piece of Americana - but it may also inspire you in your search for the ideal name for your little one.

In conjunction with the 100 most popular names since 1880, we have included the top 100 baby names by state for 2006-2007. You may be surprised at the variation in popularity of boy and girl names depending on which state you are perusing. For example, the top 5 girl names in Wyoming for 2007 were Madison, Emma, Abigail, Taylor and Alexis, but in New York, they were Isabella, Sophia, Emily, Olivia and Ava. Regardless if you are looking for an unusual or more common name for your baby, browsing the top 100 baby names by state would be informative and fun to boot!

If your taste is more non-traditional, we have useful information on unusual baby names and unisex baby names. It may also interest you to know what celebrities are naming their babies as they are notorious for concocting unusual – some might say downright bizarre – names for their children.

Another fun section is real celebrity names. Have you ever wondered what the names of celebrities were before they were celebrities? The real names of some of your favorite movie stars, professional athletes and even rappers are uncovered. You may even get a few ideas on how to come up with a name that will give your new little wonder star appeal!

We have not forgotten about those who are expecting more than one little soul to love. If you are expecting multiples, whether they are identical boy/boy, girl/girl or fraternal boy/boy, girl/girl or boy/girl twins, our website includes helpful tips on naming your twins AND popular names for twins – both excellent resources for assisting you in finding the perfect names no matter your style or taste.

If you are still having difficulty picking out a name for your baby, jump over to our baby name generator page. You never know where just the right inspiration may come from.

Another wonderful feature is our “My Favorites” that allows you to brain storm and save all your favorite baby names in one place. You also have the option to delete, sort, print and see how different name combinations appear in black and white. You can even e-mail your list of favorite baby names to friends and family.

One exciting and sometimes frustrating part of becoming a new parent is deciding on the perfect name for your baby. By starting your search early and using the comprehensive resources in this section, you might have the baby name of your dreams picked out in no time and have a blast while doing it!

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