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Baby Naming Tips

Choosing a name for your child often brings about a range of emotions from joy as you excitedly sound out different names with your surname to complete frustration if you and your significant other cannot come to an agreement on a particular name. Mood swings when deciding on a baby name are totally expected as the importance of picking the “perfect” name for your little one is paramount. His/her name will become a part of their identity for a lifetime – unless you name them something so outlandish that they decide to change it at a later date! To make the process of finding the ideal name for your up and coming new arrival easier, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when choosing your baby’s name.

Your Baby’s Name – A Reflection of your Unique Style and Personality

The name that you bestow upon your child is more often than not a reflection of your unique style, taste and personality. If you are more traditional, it is unlikely that you would choose – or would you want to choose - an unusual name such as Hallfrita or Karlens. You would naturally be drawn to more classic, timeless names. On the other hand, if you are non-traditional, a popular or classic name may not suite your fancy.

Rule #1 for picking your little one’s name is quite simple – make certain that you are truly comfortable with and enjoy the name you choose (as well as one you feel your child would value as well). It is important to remember that your child’s name will be in your heart and on your lips for the remainder of your lifetime so choose one that suites your taste to a T!

When it comes to names, everyone from the butcher to the baker to the candlestick maker has an opinion, but the only one that really matters is yours - and your spouse’s of course. If you find a name you truly love, stick to your guns and don’t let mom, dad or uncle Ed dissuade you from your choice. Even if the name Gertrude has been in your – or your spouse’s – family for 5 generations, this does not dictate that you must carry on this time-honored tradition.

To keep others from placing seeds of doubt in your mind about your chosen baby name, you may want to keep it hush-hush until after he or she makes their grand entrance. People are less apt to say negative things about a child’s name after they are born.

Take into Account the Pronunciation and Spelling of a Particular Baby Name

Regardless if you want a traditional or non-traditional baby name, it is important to note the pronunciation and spelling of a potential name to spare your child possible frustration or even embarrassment down the road. For example, the boy name Kieryn may be mispronounced as Karen in the U.S., although the name is not that unusual in Australia.

Parents adding their own creativity to the spelling of a particular name have made for many interesting name variations. However, a unique spelling of a common name may become frustrating for your child if their name is continuously being misspelled or mispronounced. One name with various spellings is Alicia. A few of its variants include Alysha, Aleishia, Aliesha, Ahleshia, Alisia, Elyshia, and Eleshia.

Watch those Initials!

You may absolutely adore the name Brett. However, if your last name were Oneslager, your child’s initials would be B.O. If at all possible, try to steer clear of initials with negative connotations such as Z.I.T., R.I.P. or S.O.B.

Research the Meaning of each Baby Name

Besides your child’s name being pleasing to the ear, you would also want it to embody positive qualities and virtues or a historical or religious meaning that is significant to you. Take the time to research the etymology and history of each name of interest. For example, the name Agatha is derived from Greek meaning “good” and Alan stands for “handsome” or “little rock”. On the other hand, the name Acacia means “thorn”. Although you may find that you like the way Acacia sounds, you may not particularly embrace its meaning.

By starting your baby name search early and taking note of a few of the tips listed above, you will soon be on your way to finding the perfect name ideal for your little bundle of joy.

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