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My Pregnancy Guide

Welcome to My Pregnancy Guide!

My Pregnancy Guide is your online pregnancy info website guide for women trying to become pregnant, pregnant women, expecting parents, and new moms to help guide you through a healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood!
My Pregnancy Guide offers information on all aspects of getting pregnant, and pregnancy that will allow you to make informed decisions about your prenatal care and learn great tips for a healthy pregnancy! Topics include pregnancy symptoms, preterm labor signs, prenatal care, pregnancy complications, your pregnancy week by week, nutrition, labor signs, natural childbirth, breastfeeding & attachment parenting, new baby care, postpartum care, and more! also offers a pregnancy due date calculator, birth stories, breastfeeding stories, pregnancy calendar screensaver, pregnant woman stories, free baby coupons, baby shower planner, free baby websites, pregnancy announcement ecards, and more!

My Pregnancy Guide


Inside My Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Trimesters - Here we take you through your pregnancy and the development of your baby...first trimester, second trimester, third trimester.


Pregnancy Myths - Getting tons of advice and not sure what is correct? Here are some common pregnancy myths that have been passed on for generations. Learn the facts of pregnancy myths!


Breastfeeding - Not sure if breastfeeding is right for you? View our breastfeeding questions and other breastfeeding articles, to see if it is right for you and your new baby!


Stretch Marks - The marks of pregnancy. Call them what you will. But they are the one thing that all women dread will occur as soon as they get pregnant.


Pregnancy Calendar Software - Stop wondering what is going on with your baby and get ExpectantSee Pregnancy Calendar Software Today! Enter you due date and watch your pregnancy develop!


Chinese Pregnancy Calendar - This pregnancy calendar can be used to predict the sex of an unborn child some believe.


Free Baby Websites - You now can get your own free online baby announcement website! Get Your Free Web Site Now!


Anxiety During Pregnancy - Many women face anxiety during their pregnancy, which is normal especially for first time pregnant women. However, note that anxiety and pregnancy do not bear good results for the child.


Pregnancy Complications - Complications during pregnancy can often be resolved with care from your treating physician. This area of the site offers info on several common pregnancy complications and the warning signs...


Pregnancy Health & Nutrition - Good nutrition during pregnancy is vital for pregnant women to insure proper nutrients are being supplied to the baby. A healthy pregnancy will be a good sign that your baby is developing...


Obesity And Pregnancy - A great guide for pregnant women who are over weight and tips for not gaining to much weight during pregnancy.
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